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Getting a BEE Certificate

You don’t need a bee certificate example anymore as our free BEE Generator Tool has allowed you to create great looking bee certificates fast and sent directly to your email. There are many bee certificate benefits; including being able to provide services to the state. If your company’s annual turnover is below R10 million then you qualify for a bee certificate affidavit.


You do not need to submit a bee certificate application dti if your turnover is less then 10 million ZAR, you simply need a correct affidavit which can be generated here. If you require a SANAS BEE certificate then please contact SANAS directly for instruction. There are different bee certificate levels,

Level 1 BEE Certificate = 100% Black Owned

Level 2 BEE Certificate = More than 51% Black Owned

Level 4  BEE Certificate = Less than 51% Black Owned

We will send you a free bbbee certificate pdf to your email once you have completed our bee certificate application form pdf. BEE certificate requirements are as stated above, please make sure you comply with these before requesting your free bee certificate.

What is BBBEE?

BBBEEE is an acronym for Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. This seeks to address the large economic disconnect between white and black people in South Africa which was caused by Apartheid Policies. BBBEE Advantages and Disadvantages are often the topic of debate. These policies are however crucial for political and economic stability in the long run.  Benefits of bbbee accreditation include the ability to do business with state organs as well as private business who require points as part of the transformation policy of the country. Advantages of black economic empowerment are undisputed and necessary to overcome racial tension and address atrocities of the past. Benefits of BBBEE in the supplier selection process include being awarded points towards what is known as a bee scorecard.

A sworn affidavit bbbee qualifying small enterprise is determined by the annual turnover as well as percentage of black ownership as indicated above. The DTI bee certificates are not required when a company generates less than R10m per annum. Get your BEE online. The BEE verification process is only required if you do not meet the above requirements.

BEE Certificate

How to get a Free BEE Certificate

A BEE certificate is required to participate in programs or economic activity where the aim is Black Economic Empowerment. For companies that have an annual turnover of less than R 10 million the South African Government has given a special exemption in order to promote small companies and not subject them to the same regulations faced by large companies.

This allows small companies to compete and add “BEE Value” to companies as their suppliers. In order to prove that a company falls within the R 10 million Rand Annual Turnover threshold, the company needs to have a BEE Certificate or Affidavit which is signed by a Commissioner of Oaths. Innovative Outsourcing Solutions have, through this website, made the process very easy to get a BEE Certificate. Simply fill in the on-line form, check the correctness of the details on the certificate sent to your email, print the document and take it to a Commissioner of Oaths to sign. This will give you a valid document to prove the BEE status of your company.

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